The company Leo Wittwer was founded in 1920 by Leo Wittwer in Pforzheim, Germany. In the beginning, they produced little silver charms and little silver crosses. Today, the majority of the Manufaktur line are unique pieces set with diamonds or coloured stones, presented only at special events. The highest expectations in quality and skilled craftsmanship, as well as the entire expertise of our master specialists are reflected in each and every creation of the Manufaktur line.

A perfect example is the legendary Leo Wittwer Cross set completely with 167 diamonds. At the first the diamonds will be calibrated towards cut, colour, clarity and weight and then they will be set under the microscope by a master stone setter. This takes a lot of time (appr. 80 hours) then the single parts of the cross will be assembled piece by piece by our master goldsmiths and then the cross gets its final polishing treatment in order to be perfect to meet the exception of quality control.

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