Andreas Daub founded his company as a young goldsmith in 1872 and it still bears his name. Today it is run by Kurt Daub in the fifth generation. Legendary watch chains, Art Nouveau collections, as well as the production of the first rolled gold jewellery in Germany shaped the first decades of the Company History. Today the name Andreas Daub stands for versatile, premium-quality jewellery the world over. As in the past, every single piece of jewellery from the company Andreas Daub is made in the traditional location of Pforzheim and is thus “MADE IN GERMANY”. Day in, day out, over 100 employees contribute their professional skills and passion to the production of our jewellery.

Andreas Daub GmbH + Co. KG
Esslinger Strasse 16 | D-75179 Pforzheim
Website: | Phone: +49 (0)7231 142960